Virtual Happy Hour: "World of Beer"

Intro to Brewing in WA by Cicerone Andrew Bieber

"Pour a glass of your favorite beer and join us for an introduction to brewing in Washington State."
A Certified Ciccerone (beer guide) will discuss three styles of beer: the common malty and hoppy styles, and the less common yeast-forward styles. Examples are given so you can purchase your beer in advance and "sip and learn." Q&A will follow.

Tasting Recommendations

Our beer selection has 3 goals:
  • Showcase a wide variety of ingredients - each beer should showcase either malts, hops, or yeast
  • Highlight, local, independent, west coast beers unique to each region
  • Not be something everyone has tried before

In order to meet all those needs, the list needs to be pretty flexible, but also specific whenever possible. It should be easy to walk into a specialty beer shop, say a little bit about each category, and have the local pros point out what to try.

Beer 1: Malt Forward Beer Styles like Oktoberfest, Amber, or Helles Lager all feature malt flavors heavily. Any specialty bottle shop will carry plenty of examples of each. You should focus on finding an Oktoberfest if possible. Small breweries often put out examples of this style seasonally, so checking out the local breweries will pay off big in this hunt. Try that before searching for any of the specific examples below.

Some regional examples of beers in this category:
  • Alaskan Amber - a little too popular for this, but definitely available everywhere. A good choice for first time beer drinkers
  • Lucky Envelope Helles Lager - available in Ballard, Seattle, and is my personal favorite.
  • Idaho Brewing Oktoberfest - if you can find it, this award-winning Oktoberfest beer would be perfect for this tasting.
  • Oakshire Amber- out of Eugene, OR. Oakshire is just a great brewery. Buy all their stuff for fun.
  • Breakside Festbier - out of Portland. Breakside often puts out an Oktoberfest or Festbier. It might not be available now, but if it is, snag it.

Beer 2: Hop Forward beer The best example of a hop-forward beer also happens to be one of the most popular styles right now: Hazy IPA. Walking into any bottle shop and asking for their favorite Hazy IPA will yield without fail a solid beer that will fit perfectly into our lineup. While all beers should be purchased as close to the consumption date as possible, the hazy IPA should adhere to this rule the most.

Some regional examples:
  • Fremont Brewing Space Rex - Available anywhere in WA and beyond.
  • Lucky Envelope Helles Lager - available in Ballard, Seattle, and is my personal favorite.
  • Great Notion Hazy IPA - these folks in Portland are the most hype brewery these days and are known for their killer Hazies.
  • Sockeye Brewing Hazy IPA - a Boise, Idaho favorite.
  • Anchorage Brewing Hazy IPA - while known for their barrel-aged beers, they probably have a rotating Hazy IPA that will be available when you need it.

Beer 3: Yeast Forward There are lots of different styles that can fit into this category, but what comes to most people's minds when you say yeast forward are Belgian styles like Belgian Dubbel or Tripel. If you are an adventurous drinker add the words Barrel Aged, and Brettanomyces to your beer monger inquiry. Something with "Brett" will be a lot funkier and perhaps sour so they showcase really wild yeast flavors. Tamer drinkers can try to find a Belgian Blonde

Some regional examples:
  • Anchorage Brewing The Tide and It's Takers - Funky, barrel-aged, and fancy, this beer single-handedly inspired this category's addition to the lineup. Anyone in Alaska should pick this beer up if possible.
  • Fair Isle Brewing - almost everything this Seattle brewery makes fits into this category. If you can, grab something from here but specify you want something yeast forward.
  • Monkless - Bend, Oregon's Monkless can do no wrong and their beers fit in this category almost exclusively.
  • Selkirk Abbey - Post Falls, Idaho brews a ton of beer that will fit this category. If you are in the Idaho panhandle, you're set with these folks.

A link to online session will be provided to participants prior to event.

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