Cybersecurity Awareness

What is Cybersecurity ? Why is Cybersecurity important ?

Cybersecurity awareness involves being mindful of cybersecurity in day-to-day situations. Being aware of the dangers of browsing the web, checking email and interacting online are all components of cybersecurity awareness.  With an ever-rising number of cyberattacks each year (Forbes, the risk of not being aware of protective cybersecurity practices can contribute to unwanted negative outcomes ranging from a breach of data to a loss of your hard earned money. 

Learn ways to protect your online experience below.

Protect yourself from email phishing

Phishing (pronounced: fishing) is an attack that attempts to steal your money, or your identity, by getting you to reveal personal information -- such as credit card numbers, bank information, or passwords -- on websites that pretend to be legitimate. Cybercriminals typically pretend to be reputable companies, friends, or acquaintances in a fake message, which contains a link to a phishing website (, 2022).

Phishing scams may look like:

How you can keep your account safe:

You can learn more about identifying scams and security best practices by reviewing Microsoft Support Topic on Phishing from their website.


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